Anthurium - reproduction at home

Anthurium is one of the most popular tropical plants that decorate indoor greenhouses and conservatories. The inflorescences of the plant look very bright and have an exquisite shape, which is why the culture is often called "fiery tongue" or "flamingo flower".

How anthurium reproduces should be known to everyone who is engaged in breeding an exotic handsome man.

Reproduction and rooting

The genus Anthurium belongs to the Aroid family and includes approximately 900 species. The main places of growth of culture are considered to be South, Central America and the islands of the Caribbean Sea. Wild plants can grow leaves up to one meter long. At home, the sizes will be more modest.

Reproduction of anthurium occurs:

  • Seeds,
  • Cuttings,
  • Sheet,
  • By dividing the bush.

This process must be done carefully, without haste. Otherwise, young shoots can quickly wither away. The flower is quite capricious in its care, therefore it requires special attention.

How to plant a plant with a shoot with a root

How can you plant an anthurium with a shoot with a root? This procedure should be performed only at the time of transplantation, in April - August. The root system of the mother plant and the “babies” must be exposed.

In spring and summer, vegetative processes are easier, the plant itself develops easily and actively, the air temperature is high and promotes better survival.

Before planting the shoots, prepare the soil (sod land - humus and perlite 1: 3: 1 part) and the pot (should not be too spacious).

Shoots with root

Step by step process:

  1. The plant is carefully removed from the old pot.
  2. The earth ball is soaked in water for 5-10 minutes and separated from the roots.
  3. Only the lateral processes should be cut from the mother plant with a sharp knife.
  4. The cut is sprinkled with activated charcoal or cinnamon.
  5. The mother flower is planted in a pot, the void is filled with soil, the shoot must be planted in a separate container, without burying the growing point in the soil. Caring for him is the same as for an adult plant.

Important! The roots of the culture are very fragile, therefore they are easily injured, often they can be completely destroyed. You should never try to pull out a shoot with roots - the rhizomes will definitely come off, you will have to go through a long stage of rooting young shoots without roots. In this case, the plant takes root long and reluctantly.

How is planting with a shoot without roots

It happens that the shoot was separated from the mother plant unsuccessfully, the roots broke off, became weak or badly damaged.

Before planting such shoots in a separate pot, you should try to root them in wet moss, perlite or sand.

Important! A prerequisite for rooting is placing the plant in a mini-greenhouse. In order for the shoot to take root, and the root system to develop well, high temperature and humidity are needed. Options include a plastic bag that holds the scion in a container, a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid that has been used for food purposes, or just a cut bottle.

The greenhouse lid should be opened daily for airing so that the plant does not rot. When the roots appear, the greenhouse is removed, and the shoots are planted in a pot.

Rootless sprouts

Growing from seeds

Anthurium from seeds can be grown both after purchasing planting material, and with self-pollination of an adult plant. This process is very painstaking and, as a rule, ineffective. Florists use it very rarely, since the seeds germinate rather poorly, varietal characteristics can be greatly lost.

Note! If seeds are purchased to order, the date of packing and collection should always be checked. 3-4 months after harvesting, the seed loses its germination. Seeds that are now popular to order from China are not in active demand and often have negative reviews due to a low-quality product.

The seeding process is as follows:

  • The seeds are soaked for 15 minutes in a solution of 1% potassium permanganate, then laid out on a napkin or paper to remove excess moisture.
  • Then they are evenly distributed over the surface of the moist soil, sprinkling with the same soil on top.
  • The soil layer above the seeds should be no more than 3 mm thick.
  • The container where the seeds were laid out is closed with a film or lid. Be sure to provide access to the bottom heating, diffused bright light and an air temperature of +25 degrees.
  • Open the greenhouse daily for 5-7 minutes to ventilate.

Anthurium seeds

The best anthurium seeds for growing are considered to be freshly harvested. They tend to sprout quickly and practically everything that has been planted.


It is not recommended to plant them in large containers, since this way development and growth will go slower. Also, the soil should be well drained, which will contribute to the rapid emergence of sprouts. The first of them appear already 2 weeks after planting.

Leaf propagation

How to propagate anthurium with a leaf - cut off a large leaf with good veins and a petiole length from 3 to 5 cm from an adult plant.All types of culture are easily amenable to the leaf propagation method, and little effort and time is spent.

Leaf anthurium

A vertical tube is made from the leaf and placed with a petiole in a well-moistened soil (a mixture of sand and peat, proportions are equal). Above the surface, as a rule, one third of the sheet is left, which is closed with a glass jar.

Such a hand-made greenhouse is placed in a fairly bright place. It is worth making sure that direct sunlight does not fall on it - through the glass of the jar, they can cause severe burns to the fragile petiole. Every day it is necessary to ventilate the soil and the plant, irrigate with a spray bottle, until a young sprout appears from the leaf tube. This will mean that rooting has happened, the plant can be transferred to the general mode of care. The jar can be removed, the young stalk can be transplanted into another container with a previously prepared substrate.

Additional Information. The roots can be grown by placing the petioled leaf in water. How can anthurium be rooted in this version: the leaf is placed in water, a root growth stimulator is diluted in it. No more than 4-5 cm of a sheet is placed in the liquid. The flowering culture will begin a year later.

Propagation by cuttings

How to propagate anthurium using a cuttings at home - take a small part of the shoot that was cut from the green part of the plant.


Cutting is carried out in three ways:

  • Using a sheet (the method is described above);
  • Apical - the top of an adult shoot;
  • Air-rooted - the stalk has aerial roots.

The most effective of these types is considered the airborne method. ABOUTn consists of the following:

  • In an adult and necessarily healthy plant, a strong shoot with internodes and at least two leaves is cut off. The leaves break off, but the petioles remain.

Note! This must be done so that subsequently all the forces of the young shoot go not to the nutrition of the green mass, but specifically to the development of the root system and its rooting.

  • The stalk is planted in a substrate (sand and peat, proportions are equal).Only air roots should be in the ground, the growth point is above the surface.
  • The plant must be abundantly sprayed from a spray bottle and covered with a bag or glass jar.
  • The greenhouse is sent to a well-lit and warm place. Every day, the soil and the shoot are ventilated and sprayed with slightly warmed water. This is done for the reason that the plant does not have stress due to temperature changes in a steamed greenhouse and spraying with cold water.

Additional Information. The stalk takes root quickly enough - a new leaf appears in a week. Then the package or jar can be removed, the plant can be transplanted into its own separate pot.

The apical breeding method is also considered popular. It looks like this:

  • The tip of a strong and strong shoot is cut off with a sharp knife, the cut is left to dry for 15 minutes.

Important! The stalk should be exactly 12 cm long and must have 2 leaves.

  • Then the shoot is placed in perlite, removed to a warm, bright place, where the air temperature does not drop below +24 degrees.
  • Every day it is worth spraying from a spray bottle.

With this method, the roots begin to appear after three weeks. It is worth waiting until they are about 3 cm, then the plant can be transplanted into a permanent pot.

Note! Whatever method of reproduction is carried out, the cut sites on the mother plant must be disinfected. For this purpose, brilliant green, potassium permanganate, cinnamon or crushed activated carbon are suitable.

Reproduction by dividing the bush

Anthurium can be propagated by dividing the bush - divide the mother bush and plant the shoots in mid-spring, when the plant is already 3-4 years old.

The process of dividing the bush

The step-by-step process looks like this:

  • Half an hour before the start of division, the mother bush is watered abundantly with water.
  • Then it is carefully taken out of the pot, shaken gently, the excess soil is removed, the roots are gently unraveled.

Additional Information. If some roots are damaged during untangling, then the wounds should be immediately sprinkled with activated charcoal or cinnamon. Rotten or damaged root processes should definitely be removed, leaving only viable and healthy ones.

  • The division must be carried out so that each part has a growth point and at least one leaf.
  • Before starting the procedure for rooting shoots, they are left for an hour in the fresh air so that the rhizomes dry out a little.
  • Shoots are planted so that the roots are at the same depth in the soil as they were in the old pot.
  • If necessary, support it should be stuck in advance, even before planting the flower. As a rule, especially tall shoots need it.
  • For two to three months, new planted flowers should be sprayed with special solutions "Epin", "Kornevin" or "Heteroauxin".

It is worth paying attention to the further care of the anthurium, it needs special, close to tropical conditions:

  • Soil moisture is high.
  • The air temperature is not lower than 24 degrees, in autumn and winter, while the plant is at rest, a decrease to 18-20 degrees is allowed, but not lower.
  • In no case should there be drafts.
  • Watering is not frequent, but plentiful. During the growing season - once every 3 days, in winter - once a week. The water should be soft, settled and warmed up to 25 degrees.

Important! Water must not be left in the pan - this will cause the roots of the culture to fall ill with fungal diseases or become covered with mold.

  • Top dressing is introduced in autumn and spring with the help of mineral complex or organic fertilizers.
  • The transplant is done to young bushes annually, to older ones - once every 2-3 years.

Anthurium reproduction at home will not be difficult even for a novice grower.All the rules should be adhered to, and an amazing flower will delight with colorful flowering, protect the home and family, as the legends say, return strength and endurance to men, and charge women with positive energy.