How to water a money tree at home

One of the popular domestic plants in Russia is the Crassula, better known as the money tree. Its dense, rounded plump leaves are very similar to coins. In addition to decorating the interior, it is believed that a lovingly grown tree can bring good luck and financial well-being to the house.

The fat woman is generally an unpretentious plant; it is not difficult to take care of the tree even for novice florists or those who are always busy. The main and main element of caring for a fat woman at home, ensuring its health and successful growth, is competent watering. Top dressing is carried out with special mixtures every half a month and only in the summer, when the plant is actively developing.

Watering features

The more luxuriant the crown of the tree and the fleshy its leaves, the more actively the well-being of the family grows, according to the followers of Feng Shui. In addition, the abundant foliage of Crassula neutralizes negative energy. Correct and timely watering, carried out with a good mood and love, can turn a young sprout into a full-fledged money tree.

This plant, like any living organism, has its own requirements for water quality. For example, its root system does not tolerate cold watering from the tap. Before moistening the soil in the pot, let the water settle and warm up to room temperature. It should be stored in an open container to allow the chlorine added to tap water to erode. Even better, watering with melt water, obtained by freezing in a freezer and subsequent defrosting, will affect the health of a flower - this way chemical impurities harmful to plants are removed from it.

Watering the money tree with a watering can

Watering the plant should be very moderate, it is recommended to carry it out from a watering can with an elongated spout, the water should flow slowly, without forming puddles in the root zone. If liquid seeps into the pan under the pot, it should be drained with a rag (and not left to re-saturate, as is done for other indoor flowers) a couple of tens of minutes after watering.

Additional Information. After moistening, the top layer of soil must be loosened to supply the roots with air.

The second way, how to water a money tree, is to supply water through the pallet in several passes until the substrate is completely impregnated. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that excess moisture does not remain in it, otherwise the roots may begin to rot.

Watering a fat woman at different times of the year

In order for the tree of wealth to always be lush and pleasing to the eye, the conditions and intensity of watering should be differentiated depending on the season.

Being an African native and representing a genus of succulents, the money tree, with the help of leaves, twigs and the main trunk, can store a large amount of moisture so that it can be used up a little during dry periods. Therefore, for the health of a fat woman, insufficient moisture is easier to tolerate than its excess.

Watering the money tree through the pallet

In the cold period, the plant has a resting time. It is necessary to hold back so as not to water the "poor flower" once again, even if the soil near the trunk seems completely dry.

When spring comes, the money tree, like most plants, begins active sap flow, it begins to grow and actively form new leaves. During this period, it is necessary to increase the number of watering, depending on the growing conditions and the type of fat woman.

A fat woman can do without water for quite a long time, in no case should it be watered daily. Two waterings per week are enough, in the cold period even less (the required minimum is a couple of times a month). However, it is necessary to focus primarily on the state of the soil substrate in the pot for each particular plant: dry or still wet. Ideally, it should stay moist in the middle and dry in the top layers.

How often to water the money tree in summer

How often do you need to water the money tree during the summer? Many inexperienced indoor flower lovers believe that during this time the plant should be watered as often as possible. However, it is advisable to limit the amount of hydration a couple of times every ten days.

In the summer, the money tree is watered more often.

It is necessary to monitor the condition of the soil substrate in the root zone, because it can be dry while the ground under it is still moist. If at the same time you start to water the money tree again, the roots can rot, because they are very sensitive to excess moisture.

Important! If the plant, in the hot summer, nevertheless began to lose foliage due to rotting of the roots, it can be reanimated by removing the dead parts and transplanting it into a dry substrate, gradually moistening it to the entire depth of the pot.

Watering in the autumn-winter period

In the period after a hot summer, it is advisable to keep the soil in containers where the money tree grows in a dried state. Watering is done once a week, because autumn is considered preparation for the wintering of a plant with a slowdown in sap flow and entry into a state of dormancy.

In winter, the frequency of wetting the substrate is significantly reduced. If the tree hibernates at room temperature, in a warm place, it is enough to give it water once a month. If the plant stands in a cool room during this period, you can not water it at all.

There is almost no need to water the money tree in winter

At this time of the year (from November to March), the flower is resting, gaining strength for the new season. At the end of winter, the fat woman is again transferred to warm conditions and watered more often.

If you take care of the plant in this way, the green pet will actively build up a fleshy green mass of leaves - "coins".

Is it possible to spray a money tree

In addition to watering the area of ​​the root system directly, many indoor plants (for example, spathiphyllum, tradescantia, chlorophytum, etc.) require cleaning the leaves from dust, humidifying the air around them by spraying from a spray bottle.

The money tree is not so picky, it is not at all necessary to spray it regularly. However, if the room is too hot, or the air is dry, you can spray the plant a little from a spray bottle with simple standing (or better melt) water in the absence of direct sunlight.

Note! When spraying, it is advisable to cover the soil in the root zone and the near-stem circle with a piece of polyethylene so that moisture does not penetrate into the substrate and does not lead to unnecessary moisture.

Sometimes you can spray the foliage of the bastard with a spray bottle

Coin-shaped leaves can be periodically wiped from accumulating dust with a damp cloth. It is also necessary to ensure proper air flow, i.e. ventilate the room where there is a pot with a fat woman.

How to tell if a tree needs watering

It is quite easy to answer this question for novice florists - you just have to look at the soil and gently try it with your finger. If he feels dryness deeper than one phalanx, it is necessary to water the tree.

If you are guided only by external examination, you can be mistaken, because often the top layer of the soil may look dry, and under the crust the substrate will even be waterlogged. In such a situation, the fat woman does not need additional watering, but to loosen the top layer.

Remember! In the cold season, the soil will dry more slowly (which is why the number of watering is significantly reduced in winter), and faster in the hot summer season.

If it is not possible to water the bastard (for example, when leaving on vacation), you can pour wet expanded clay on the ground. It will dry out excess moisture and give it back when needed.

Optimal temperature and humidity in the room

The determining factor in deciding how often to water the fat woman is the conditions for its cultivation. So, in the summer, when a container with a plant is on the balcony, in hot air, it will have to be watered more often due to the increased speed of drying of the soil.

The optimal temperature indicators for the active growth of the money tree are from 19 to 25 degrees Celsius. If the temperature exceeds this limit, the shoots of the money tree are too stretched, and the rounded leaves become small. For the autumn period, the temperature can be reduced to 15 degrees, in winter, when the flower is sent for wintering, it is enough to maintain plus five degrees of heat. However, at lower temperatures, the plant may die.

The fat woman feels great outdoors.

A sufficient level of lighting also affects the success of the growth of new "coins" - leaves, otherwise the plant will begin to lose foliage and dry out. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that direct sunlight does not fall on the fat woman, otherwise burns will appear on the leaves. To avoid such a situation, in the summer you can lower the plant from the windowsill to the floor near the window, since it will be slightly cooler there, but the optimal level of illumination will remain.

Fresh air is to their liking, so the pots with them can be placed on the balcony or in the garden in the shade of the tree crown.

How to water the money tree after transplanting

The need to transplant a money tree arises when the roots of the plant become so long and branched that they braid the entire earthen lump in the pot. Such plants move to a vessel with a larger diameter. Young fat women should be planted in a new place every year, older plants - once every three to four years. You should not make a mistake that is common for novice growers - immediately plant a young flower in a large pot. Indeed, in such a container, after each watering, due to slow drying, moisture will accumulate, which will significantly increase the risk of rotting of the root system and the death of the plant. The transplant is best done in the spring, when active sap flow resumes in the tree.

It is important to follow the step-by-step watering schedule after transplanting the fat woman. The main rule is that it is better to give less moisture than to transfer it.

Remember! The money tree easily copes with drought, while waterlogging can destroy it.

After transplanting, watering is carried out in two ways:

  • In case of emergency resuscitation (for example, after flooding) and air-drying damaged roots, water the plant very little and immediately after placing the rhizomes in the substrate;
  • With a planned transplant, be sure to water the new "tenant" in a day or a couple. In this case, the soil mixture will settle a little, it should be poured to the desired level and watered again (avoiding stagnation of water in the pan).

Watering after transplanting should be done in a day or two

In many houses, a fat money tree, or Crassula, flaunts on the window. It is believed to bring good luck and financial well-being. In general, this plant is unpretentious, the main thing is to water it correctly and observe the temperature regime.The number of waterings varies according to the seasons of the year: in summer, in the heat, it is a couple of times a week, in winter, when the flower goes into hibernation, once a month is enough. If these conditions are observed, the tree will delight its owners with lush "fleshy" foliage in the form of coins.