Hydrangea tree Magical Pinkerbell

Many modern gardeners strive to grow hydrangea tree Magical Pinkerbell in gardens. Once it was planted only in the royal gardens, and was named after the princess. The plant has other names (purple sun, hydrangea), each of which highlights the characteristic of a beautiful flowering bush.

Origin and appearance

The Magic Pinkerbell variety was bred by a Dutch florist about 10 years ago, but the plant was patented in 2018.The plant has the following characteristics: it is a tree-like shrub with strong straight stems that do not fall off even after a strong thunderstorm. The leaves are ovoid and stand out in dark green. In autumn they turn yellow.

Flowering bush

 Note! On the Internet, you can find the Magic Tinkerbell hydrangea, but this is a mistake. There really is no such sort.

How it blooms

In early summer, hydrangea tree-like Magical Pinkerbell is covered with large paniculate inflorescences of a pink hue on strong stems. If you look closely at the brushes, you can see that nondescript small white-pink flowers turn white next to large spherical flowers.

For your information! The inflorescences are sterile, but small green fruits grow from them.

Transplant after purchase in open ground

Hydrangea Magic Pinkerbell should be purchased in early spring or early September. When planting in spring, it is important to attach the plant before the buds have blossomed, but in many regions of Russia the soil is still frozen at this time. In such an area, it is better to plant hydrangeas in early autumn. While the weather is warm, it rains Magic in a new place will grow new roots, which will allow her to endure the winter cold.

What is needed for landing

Planting hydrangeas has some peculiarities. First you need to prepare a hole 50 cm wide. The day before planting, it is poured with water. After the moisture has completely disappeared, 20 cm of soil for hydrangea should be poured onto the bottom, containing peat, needles, soil from under deciduous trees, equal parts of humus and sand.

It is also necessary to apply fertilizers - 1 tbsp. spoon of potassium superphosphate and potassium sulfate. Lime, chalk, bark should not be added. These components will destroy the seedling.

A hydrangea bush, together with a lump of earth, is installed in a pit, covered with soil mixture and watered.

Note!To prevent moisture from evaporating, the trunk circle is mulched. For this purpose, sawdust, finely chopped bark of trees are suitable.

Planting hydrangeas

Choosing the best place

Magic Pinkerbell is a hydrangea that does not tolerate bright sunshine. In an open place, its growth slows down, flowering is not abundant, and the inflorescences are large. For her, it is better to choose a semi-shaded area, closed from the wind. The soil should be moist, slightly acidic, but not marshy. The plant is resistant to low temperatures, but it is better to cover the bush with a synthetic cloth. If the shoots freeze, new ones will quickly grow from the root.

Important!For hydrangeas, it is better to prepare a support-ladder, since the shoots do not always withstand heavy inflorescences.

Step-by-step planting process

Planting hydrangeas is done as follows:

  1. A month before planting a new species, you need to choose a place, make a markup and prepare a pit of suitable size.
  2. The pit must be watered and covered with soil mixture.
  3. The seedling is removed from the container and placed in the center of the pit.
  4. It is necessary to make sure that the root collar protrudes slightly from the ground, all the roots lie flat and free.
  5. The soil is poured in a circle, slightly compacted.
  6. After the pit is almost full, pour out a bucket of water, wait until it is absorbed and add soil to the edge of the pit.

It remains to mulch the soil, cover the plant from the sun, wind and periodically water it.


The Magic Pinkerbell variety can be propagated in many ways, but gardeners consider cuttings to be the best.

Propagation by cuttings

The planting material is cut after young shoots appear on the bush. Not very thin twigs about 10 cm long are cut off. The cut is processed with a growth stimulator, and the cuttings are planted in a greenhouse. It remains to take care of them and wait.

Growing from cuttings

Many gardeners are engaged in breeding hydrangeas in the spring. How to do it using layering method:

  • the soil under the bush should be dug up and leveled;
  • it is necessary to dig several long grooves into which to lay annual shoots and cover them with earth.

Note! By autumn, new branches appear on the layers. After the young shoots have risen to 50 cm, they can be chopped off from the mother bush and planted in a new place.

Reproduction of hydrangea

Dividing the bush

The easiest way to reproduce is to split the bush. To do this, you need to dig out the hydrangea, rinse the roots, cut into several pieces and plant the resulting bushes.


It is not difficult to take care of the Magical Pinkerbell tree hydrangea bush growing in the open field, but adherence to agrotechnical rules is mandatory.

Watering mode

Magic Pinkerbell is very moody. Although she loves moisture very much, she should not be poured with any water. It must be warm and settled, but not stagnant, otherwise the roots will begin to rot. Chlorinated water provokes chlorosis of the leaves.

The bush should be watered 2 times a week, pouring up to 5 buckets of water under an adult bush. You need to try to get the stream of water under the root. If the root circle of the bush is mulched or it rains, the amount of watering can be reduced.

Top dressing

In order for the bush to please with lush flowering, it is necessary to feed twice a year. The first time the hydrangea is fed after the soil begins to swell. It is better to take a urea solution - 2 g per 1 liter of water. After the color has fallen off, mineral fertilizers are applied under the bush. Experts recommend feeding the hydrangea in the summer, taking organic fertilizer for this purpose.

Features of care during the flowering period

As soon as buds appeared on the bush, it is necessary to loosen the soil of the trunk circle well and apply fertilizer - potassium sulfate along with superphosphate. After that, the bush needs to be watered well, but so that the stream of water does not fall on the buds and flowers.

Important! If the weather is dry, then you need to water the flower often.

Preparing for winter

Hydrangea Magic Pinkerbell is unpretentious, but if it freezes in winter, then in the spring you should not expect lush inflorescences. In the fall, you need to remove thin branches and shoots directed to the middle of the bush. Fallen leaves need to be scooped.

The bush should be divided into several parts, the tree-like shoots of each part should be tied, bending to the ground, and fixed. A non-woven material is thrown over the hydrangea, a layer of dry leaves is poured, a film and heavy material are laid that will not blow away the wind. If you follow the description and do everything correctly, then the bush will endure the winter without freezing.

Early spring bloom

Hortense Magic Pinkerbell is beautiful. With proper care, every spring the bush will delight with lush flowering, which will last until mid-summer.