Apple tree Papirovka - description and characteristics of the variety

Apple tree Papirovka is considered a well-known variety that is popular among many gardeners. This crop is characterized by high yield parameters and excellent taste of the fruit. In order for a plant to grow successfully, it needs to be carefully cared for.

Apple tree Folding: description

According to the description, the Papirovka apple tree is considered a summer variety. It is characterized by tasty fruits and excellent yield parameters.

Description of the fruits of the variety

Most of this apple variety has medium-sized fruits that have a rounded-conical shape. As a rule, they are distinguished by pronounced wide ribs. At the same time, apples have a non-uniform shape. Large fruits often appear triangular.

The Papirovka apple tree is characterized by tasty fruits and high yields.

The fruits are greenish-yellow in color. They have no red blush. At the stage of removable maturity, the fruit has a white coating. The rind is quite fragrant and smooth. In a state of full maturity, the skin acquires a pale white color.

Inside there is a loose, tender white flesh. It is coarse and juicy enough.

Note!The apples are characterized by a sweet and sour taste and a slight aroma. Overripe pulp acquires a mealy structure.

The tree produces tasty sweet and sour fruits with a slight aroma.

Features of the variety

The tree has a triangular crown, which becomes round over time. Shoots are small in size and covered with a pronounced edge.

The leaves are medium in size, gray-green in color and oval in shape. In this case, the plates are heavily covered with fluff, and the tip of the leaf is raised. The flowers have a pink tint and are great for attracting insects for pollination.

The fruits are small in size. Their weight does not exceed 100 g. Apples are characterized by a round shape. However, sometimes you can also find fruits in the form of a cone. Ribbing is clearly expressed on them.

Apple variety Papirovka has many advantages:

  • The fruits ripen quite early. By the end of July, you can taste the first apples. They can be eaten fresh or used to make juice.
  • The variety is considered to be high yielding. From 1 apple tree it is possible to get up to 50 kg of fruits. Ripe fruit sticks well to the branches. They do not fall before time.
  • The apple tree of this variety is distinguished by its early maturity. She begins to produce crops 3-5 years after planting. This makes the culture very popular with gardeners.

The crown of the tree differs depending on the pruning method

Cons of the Papirovka variety

At the same time, culture has a number of disadvantages:

  • Despite the early maturity, apples do not have a long shelf life. They can stay in the refrigerator for 1 month. After which the fruits lose their taste.
  • Folding can hardly endure the change of climatic conditions. Therefore, it is difficult to grow it in regions where there are severe frosts in winter.
  • Apple trees are distinguished by their annual fruiting. However, over time, this figure falls.

For reference! The advantages and disadvantages of this representative of apple trees must be carefully evaluated before planting a seedling in your area.

Planting an apple tree Papirovka

The apple tree of this variety is sensitive to growing conditions. Therefore, you should choose a place for it very carefully. It is best to find an open sunny area for the tree, which is as close as possible to the rest of the apple trees. Trees should be placed at a distance of 4-5 m from each other.

A hole must be dug 1 week before planting. Its depth should be 90 cm. Fertilizer should be placed on the bottom. It should include 1 kg of a mineral preparation, 800 g of wood ash and a bucket of humus.

After that, you need to pour the soil from the top layer to the bottom. Before planting, the soil in the recess must be loosened a little and water is poured. These manipulations should be performed from late March to mid-April.

Planting an apple tree has certain features.

Features of the variety

Before starting to grow a crop, you should familiarize yourself with its main characteristics.

Tree height

This tree has a standard height. At the same time, immediately after planting, Papirovka grows rapidly. In chernozem soil, an apple tree can reach 8-9 m.In other types of soil, its dimensions do not exceed 4-6 m.

Crown width

The width of the crown is affected by the shape of the cut It can be different - from 50 cm to 5 m with uncontrolled growth.


Fruiting depends on many factors. Trees 9-12 years old give 14-28 kg of fruit. At an older age, this parameter reaches 79 kg. The maximum performance is 200 kg.

Tasting assessment

Apples have a delicate taste and excellent juiciness. They have an invigorating sweet and sour taste. If the summer is cold, there can be a lot of acid.

The pulp has a pleasant apple flavor and milky hue. It is rather delicate, has a weak friability and a coarse-grained structure. Overripe apples acquire a mealy structure. According to the tasting assessment, apples of this variety were awarded 6.8-7.9 points.

Winter hardiness

These apple trees are distinguished by rather high frost resistance parameters. In a severe winter, trees freeze up to a maximum of 12%. Subsequently, they easily endure ordinary winters.

Important! To avoid undesirable consequences for trees, young apple trees should be insulated. To do this, it is recommended to wrap their trunks in burlap for the winter.


There are no special requirements for pollinators in apple trees. It is important that they bloom at the same time and have a sufficient amount of pollen.

Pollinating varieties

The optimal pollinator varieties include the following:

  • Anise striped;
  • Grushovka Moscow;
  • Bellefleur-Kitayka;
  • Robin.

Disease resistance

The plant is characterized by good disease resistance. At the same time, in adverse weather conditions, preventive treatment of trees should be carried out.

Important!The leaves and fruits of this tree are characterized by medium scab resistance. Therefore, weakened plants must be protected from this disease.

Variants and subspecies

Folding has many varieties. Each of them has certain features. The variety has become the starting material for other crops. On its basis, the Daughter of Papirovka apple tree was bred, which significantly surpasses the parental culture in many respects.


This plant cannot be called a subspecies of Papirovka. In fact, this is the same variety that was grafted on a semi-dwarf tree. It does not have specific features. It is important to take into account that in the northern regions the tree freezes faster.


In private nurseries, the Amber variety is obtained by combining the Papirovka and Yantar varieties.


This name can be considered a marketing ploy. In fact, this is another name for the familiar variety.


In reality, this variety is called the Daughter of Papirovka.It is a hybrid of Ranetka red and Papirovka.


This name can be considered a publicity stunt. In fact, the Papirovka variety itself is considered summer.


This is a little-known culture, which is often passed off as Papirovka.


Another marketing trick of incompetent salespeople. They are trying to pass off the Uralskoye Nalivnoye variety as a new culture - Red Papirovka.


Inexperienced buyers are often sold the famous Medunitsa variety, passing it off as Honey Papirovka.

Winter hardy

Another advertising move. The papier itself has good frost resistance parameters.

Important! You should not buy seedlings from people who knowingly distort their names. In this case, there is a risk of getting completely unpredictable results.

The plant is characterized by high yield parameters

Features of growing varieties in different regions

Papirovka can be grown in different regions - in the Moscow region, in the Urals, etc. In this case, it is worth observing certain features.


In this case, it is imperative to whitewash the trunks. This procedure helps protect the trunk from February burns. In autumn, young shoots suffer from attacks of mice, therefore they require protection.


When growing a crop, it is important to provide it with reliable protection against scab and other fungal infections. This helps to increase its yield. The introduction of fertilizers containing microelements is of no small importance.

Apple tree Papirovka is distinguished by high yield parameters and undemanding care. To get a strong and healthy plant, it is important to carry out the planting work correctly. Protecting trees from diseases and pests is also important.