How to propagate ampelous geranium at home

Geranium propagation is a real mini-science, which involves the ability to work with the land and handle plants. There are two ways to plant a flower - sow seeds or root cuttings. Another indispensable procedure is pinching the branches of one type of geranium to another bush. The plant is unpretentious and does not take much time to care for.

Reproduction: ampelous geranium, or pelargonium

In order for the windowsill to bloom for three seasons, you need to carefully care for the plant and plant it correctly. If there is a desire to propagate geraniums of various types (pelargonium, as it is also called), you need to know a few simple rules:

  • you can grow a seedling using seeds or cuttings. Prefers ivy geranium propagation by cuttings according to the same principle as ampelous;
  • the plant loves saturated soil, slightly clayey, from several components;
  • you can plant sprouts in the garden. But it is worth planting cuttings in the ground, taking into account certain conditions of care.

Unique flower with bright buds

In order for the sprouts to take root, it is desirable to have a certain stock of knowledge and be able to work with the land. It is necessary to think over each step of action. Any grower can choose his own method regarding how to propagate pelargonium.

Geranium breeding methods

Ivy geranium: care and reproduction

In order for a plant to grow and develop normally, you need to know certain rules. Ivy geranium is almost always accepted. There are several secrets that will help keep geraniums from drying out, falling leaves, so that the houseplant blooms and grows in size. Caring for this type of plant is completely identical to that which is present in the agricultural crops of the garden.

Ivy ampel geranium care, reproduction, requires the following:

  • in order for pelargonium ivy to feel good, you need to prepare a special soil. The following components should be present in equal proportions: peat, sand, sod and leafy earth;
  • in the summer, you need to water the geranium 2 times a day. You need to use water at room temperature. The land should be treated with a spray bottle;
  • periodically you need to trim the bushes of the flower, removing the lower branches. You should get a mini-tree with a profusely blooming crown;
  • before winter, trimming of all shoots is required except for the central one, on which no more than 6 leaves are located.

Geranium seedlings care

For your information! The main condition is the frequency of actions. Do not forget about watering, pruning branches, sometimes fertilizing the soil. Caring for ivy pelargonium is not difficult if you follow these rules.

Growing from seeds

Geranium propagation can occur from seeds. Germination of planting material occurs within 1-2 weeks under normal conditions. In order for the seedlings to germinate accurately and be strong, you need to take into account several nuances:

  • choose high-quality planting material. Each seed should be brown. Each specimen should be firm and slightly oblong;
  • preparation of seeds. If the material is purchased, then there will be no problems with this, since the seeds have already been processed. Home copies must be sanded with sandpaper, treated with special agents and soaked in water;
  • prepare loose soil, which should have an appropriate composition. It is better to buy a ready-made one in an agricultural store;
  • pick up a container for sowing. You need to choose not too high flowerpots. This will make it easier to root the plant;
  • how the sowing is carried out: put drainage on the bottom, cover the soil, and then the seeds at a distance of 5 cm from each other, sprinkle them with soil 2 cm and spray from a spray bottle. After that, put the flowerpot on the windowsill and cover with glass.

Growing geraniums from seeds

Note! It is better to purchase planting material in a specialized store. The purchase will cost more, but the quality will be 100%.

The growing process itself is elementary: moisten the soil in accordance with the need, open the glass for a few minutes a day. After the first shoots appear, standard care is carried out as for ordinary seedlings.

Propagation of ampelous geranium by cuttings at home

Geranium can also propagate by planting cuttings. This option is relevant for novice florists. It is better to cut the cuttings in the spring. At this moment, not only the splitting off of the processes occurs, but also the cultivation of the plant. If there is no need to trim excess branches, then you can pinch off the cuttings in autumn or winter.

First, you need to properly cut the branch, which will later become a process. Cutting of ampelous pelargonium is carried out in accordance with the following algorithm:

  1. Select a twig. The shoot should be 10-12 cm long and have at least 5 leaves.
  2. The cutting is being prepared. After splitting off, treat the cut with a special tool. Put on paper to dry the twig. Enough 6 hours.
  3. Prepare the soil by filling it into a container. At the bottom of the container, drainage must already be formed before this.
  4. Dig each twig 1-1.5 cm deep. Tamp the earth well around the trunk.
  5. Moisten the ground with a spray bottle.

Propagation by cuttings

Note! The stalk should not be placed in water. The twig will not let the roots go, but will simply rot.

The seedling will take root in 2-3 weeks. During this time, 1-2 leaves may turn yellow and fall off. If the trunk begins to dry, then the plant receives too much moisture.

How to root ivy pelargonium

Many gardeners have a lot of questions about how to root ivy geranium without losing sprouts. There are several recommendations that will save the plant from death:

  • in order for the sprout to take root faster, you need to pick up a soil with a high content of peat. Sometimes peat tablets are additionally used;
  • you do not need to moisten the soil too much. It is enough just spraying the soil and the aerial part of the flower. But this should be done depending on the drying of the top layer of the earth;
  • the direct sun color helps the flower to take root well. No greenhouses or greenhouses are required. Geranium is not very fond of creating artificial heat.

What you need to do to root a plant

You can check how the ivy-leaved pelargonium has taken root within 1 week after planting. First, you need to pay attention to the state of the branch, which will act as a new sprout.

How to pinch ampel geranium

If you had to cut a bush of a certain type of geranium, then you can not throw out the branches, but graft another bush. You will get a plant that, at the time of flowering, will give out buds of different colors and shapes. The question arises, is it necessary to pinch ivy pelargonium?

You can pinch the plant, and in some cases even need to. If the bush is powerful and large, but quickly loses its leaves and for some reason does not bloom, then the procedure can save the situation. For carrying out it is worth choosing exactly autumn or winter, so that the flower does not lose a lot of juice at the time of notching.

Geranium pinching rules

It is necessary to cut off the twig and dry it slightly, treat it with a special tool.Next, a small notch should be made, into which a twig, cut at an acute angle, is inserted. Rewind the place with fabric adhesive tape. You will get home versions of the plant with original flowering.

How to plant ampelous geraniums in a pots

A very popular option for garden containers for planting plants is the pots. Geraniums can also be planted in this kind of device. The cache-pot is made from a special cement mortar using a special technology.

Important! Constant cultivation of a flower in such a container is undesirable. You can plant the plant in a pots for a while, but not more.

Step-by-step algorithm for planting geraniums in pots:

  1. The bottom must have drainage holes. The plant does not really like moisture, therefore, when watering, the remaining water must self-destruct, otherwise the root will rot and the plant will die.
  2. A drainage layer of small pebbles is laid out at the bottom of the planter.
  3. Pour soil into the container, which is fairly enriched with peat and treated with agents from parasites and insects.
  4. You can plant a stalk or a fully formed bush.
  5. During the rooting period and the rest of the time, you just need to spray the soil. Watering is optional.

Geranium in pots

Note! To prevent the plant from disappearing, it is advisable to put the planter in the sun. The cement base of an unusual flowerpot can remain damp for a long time, so the sun should warm the earth well, evaporate excess moisture.

To make the windowsill blooming and "alive", you should choose geranium as a houseplant. It is she who will be a good option if you want constant flowering, but there is no time to take care of the flowerpots. Geraniums are easy to breed and root well under the right conditions.