How to grow an abutilon flower from seeds at home

Abutilon is a plant that belongs to the Malvov family. The flower is distinguished by the original shape of the leaves, which resemble maple. In Russia, you can find several varieties of flowers: hybrid, Amazonian, striped and Mesopotamian. How to grow indoor abutilon, what kind of home care to provide are questions that worry many flower growers in Russia.

Abutilon (indoor maple): home care

Having bought a homemade maple tree, how to care for it should be figured out right away. Abutilon is a light-loving plant that prefers diffused lighting. The flower is best placed on a windowsill that faces west, east, or southeast.

What does it look like


Too dry atmosphere in the room can cause the cessation of flowering and leaf fall. A similar situation may arise during the beginning of the heating season. Do not place the flower next to heaters.

For your information! To prevent leaves from falling off, you can place a tray of water next to the pot.

Illumination requirements

Lack of lighting leads to blanching of the leaves and stretching of the stem. In summer, the plant pot is recommended to be placed on an open terrace. Do not spray a flower that is in direct sunlight. This can cause burns.

Air temperature

Indoor abutilon at home needs special care. Drafts pose a threat to indoor maple. The optimum air temperature in the house in the summer should be around 16-25 ° C. In hot weather, bud setting stops. In this case, it is necessary to spray the plants.

It is important not to allow the soil to dry out, as the abutilone will begin to shed the buds. Lack of moisture manifests itself in the form of yellowing of the leaves. During the growing season, you need to feed the plant with mineral and organic fertilizers 1 time in 14 days.

Maple is a home flower, the care of which is different, for example, from geranium. In winter, there is a decrease in plant growth. The flower does not need additional groundbait. The optimum indoor air temperature in winter should be about 18-22 ° C.

Note! Through regular watering, you can avoid drying out the soil. To prevent hypothermia of the root system, you can set the pot on top of a piece of styrofoam.

How does it multiply

There are several ways to propagate indoor maple trees.


To complete the procedure, you need to take the apical shoots. They are placed in a mixture of sand, peat and substrate. To create greenhouse conditions, the cuttings are covered with a plastic wrap cover. The plant must be ventilated periodically.

First shoots

Important! The advantage of the vegetative method of reproduction of abutilon is the preservation of the leaf color of flowers.

To prepare the planting material, you must follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. First you need to cut the cuttings from healthy shoots. Their length should be about 10-14 cm.
  2. The cuttings must be sprinkled with charcoal to prevent the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.
  3. Be sure to remove the leaves and buds from the bottom of the plant.
  4. After that, the cuttings are placed in the prepared soil. You can speed up the process of root formation with the help of a zircon solution.

Note! The grafting method is beneficial in that it speeds up the process of growing indoor maple.


To grow abutilon from seeds, you need to process the planting material. Instead of a solution of potassium permanganate, gardeners began to use more effective means for disinfecting seeds (phytosporin, trichodermin).

Each seed should be soaked in 15 ° C water. The sprouts should appear within 21 days.

When growing abutilone, you can use the Juliet hybrid. Plant height can reach 1.5 m. Abutilone hybrid mixture "Bellevue" is considered an unpretentious flower. Growing from seeds requires the obligatory preparation of the material from the grower.


There is a possibility of forming different varieties of plants on one trunk of abutilon.


To trim abutilone, you need to consider the time of year. Shoots are best pruned in spring. Without pruning, abutilone not only loses its shape, but also practically ceases to bloom. In addition, it is needed to form a beautiful crown up to 1.5 m high.

After pruning, the greens are completely restored within a few weeks. Shoots must be pinched up to 1/3 of the original length. After the procedure, the plant must be transferred to a warm room.

How is abutilone pruning carried out

Note! The height of the plant during pruning should be about 30 cm. Gradually, you can grow a standard bush.

Suitable soil

The optimal soil for abutilon must have sufficient moisture capacity and air permeability. To avoid chlorosis, the pH should be between 6-7.

Ready-made soil for a flower, which can be bought in the store

To grow abutilon, you can prepare the soil yourself. High moor peat and humus are used as a basis. Mineral fertilizers are added to the finished mixture. In what proportion to mix:

  • 2 pieces of land;
  • 1 part of humus;
  • 1.5 parts of coarse sand.

Disease and pest control

Insects are dangerous for abutilon: whitefly, spider mite, mealybug, scale insect. The parasites feed on sap and can kill the plant.

To identify harmful insects, you need to regularly inspect the leaves and stems for external damage. To eliminate ticks and whiteflies, fungicides are used that can destroy pests.

The appearance of a flower affected by a whitefly

When affected by powdery mildew, a white bloom appears on the upper side of the leaves. You can cope with pests by using a foundation. Massive whitefly infection leads to yellowing and leaf fall. To save abutilon, the flower should be treated with a pyrethrum suspension or decis solution.

A mealybug lesion manifests itself in the form of a characteristic plaque, which impedes the access of air and light. In this case, the leaves of the flower begin to curl. The disease has a negative effect on the root system of the flower. You can get rid of the mealybug by treating it with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

Important! The affected areas need to be treated with karbofos.

What to do if the leaves turn yellow

Why do the leaves of abutilone turn yellow? There are several factors that lead to this:

  • Abutilone lacks light or nutrients;
  • irregular watering;
  • the plant is affected by pests.

Yellowing of leaves due to lack of nitrogen

With a lack of trace elements, the leaves of abutilon begin to fall off. Florists note a slowdown in plant growth. Ferrovit complex mineral fertilizers can be used as top dressing. Yellow leaves can appear dormant when the flower stops developing for natural reasons.

Why do abutilon leaves curl

Abutilone leaves turn yellow and fall off due to inappropriate environmental conditions. In summer, the optimum temperature should be between 16 ° C and 25 ° C. In addition, the plant reacts to the abundance of sunlight.

What to do if Abutilone leaves fall

Withering indicates insufficient watering. The deficiency of trace elements manifests itself in the form of falling of the lower greenery. Abutilon sheds leaves if the root system decays due to high humidity.

The reason for this may be improper watering, too high a temperature or a lack of light. It is also worth examining the plant for signs of pest damage. Leaf shedding may be associated with reduced daylight hours. This process indicates the preparation of abutilone for the winter season.

Abutilon is a light-loving plant loved by many flower growers. You should not place a flower pot next to heating appliances. The optimum air temperature in summer should be in the range of 16-25 ° С. And then it will bloom all summer and delight home with its buds.